Buildto-Suit Program

The distinctive Industrial Holdings Inc Build-to-Suit/ Build-to-Lease Program combines the quality of Star Building Systems, the construction expertise of National Commercial Builders, and the development capabilities of Industrial Holdings. This combination of strengths under one roof is truly unique in the commercial real estate industry today.

The program allows for an Industrial Holdings customer to construct a turnkey Build-to-Lease or Build-to-Suit Project with little or no personal capital investment. All land acquisitions, construction financing, and the ultimate financial ownership of the property are covered under the program. Similarly, the Build-t0-Suit Program provides the benefit of Industrial Holdings absorbing all the time consuming tasks associated with development, thus allowing the prospective owner to concentrate on business.

Other benefits of the Program are:

 Leases that provide an operating triple net lease

 Long term fixed rentals at competitive rates

 Leases that provide total operational flexibility with options to buy

 Tax advantages vs. Ownership

 Long term renewal rights can provide complete control of the property for its economic life

 Your design can be built at single or multiple locations

No other developer can offer this combination of local construction expertise with single-source development services, regardless of the size, location, or number of projects.

Please contact us to learn more about the Industrial Holdings Build-to-Lease Program and how it can enhance your next project.